Hacked: How Proxies Help Prevent Getting Hacked

Hacked: How Proxies Can Help
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I’ve been hacked!

One of the worst things that could ever happen to a hardcore gamer is when a game account gets hacked. I do not even know where to begin my list of bad vibes that a hacked game account could mean to me and my gaming career. Not only does it mean that you get robbed of a game, but it also means that your hard work is stolen from you and will be abused by someone else; using your in-game money and level to brag to others, and ruin the reputation of your in-game name, forcing you to settle for another name.

There are still so much more that the hacking implies to me and my game. Some people may think that “it’s just a game account. It’s not like it could harm anybody.” Well, needless to say to those people, it does harm people. It harms my reputation, for one, and it also endangers my friends because it will have access to my friend list and it could send messages pretending to be me. I could remedy that by informing my friends about the hack, but even that won’t spare those that would read my message too late.

Not a lot of people know, but game accounts actually sell pretty expensively. And for high level account like mine, with lots of in-game purchases and in-game money stocked, my account is worth a lot. It is actually discouraged and illegal to sell accounts for actual money, but there are really some people who go for it – instant high level accounts are what some rich kids want to own.

Worse part is, if it lands in the hands of a newbie. People will see my in-game name and think how such a high level account be so unprofessional and unskilled in playing the game, and it will hurt my reputation, even when it is no longer me holding the account.

But beyond all the troubles brought by the hacking, one thing that I wanted to find out was how I got hacked in the first place. I still cannot trace how it all happened, but I will continue to find out, Meanwhile, I have decided to avail of a proxy server for my gaming use. Thankfully, proxies are available quite easily, and I would not mind spending a few dollars if it could be the means to make sure that hackers can no longer get a direct access to my IP address. I’d really rather pay the expense of the proxy than have more of my gaming accounts stolen from me.

I wish my investigation leads to somewhere soon. Meanwhile, everyone should be extra careful in all their  online activities so as not to get hacked so easily.

Finding The Perfect Commercial Real Estate Property For A Gaming Training Center

The Day A Commercial Realtor Helped Us Put Up Our Business

gaming center in a commercial space
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What most people consider as a hobby can actually turn out to be a good business venture. From the years of playing computer games and joining gaming tournaments, I have decided to invest my earnings in the game industry. In the middle of this year, together with a friend, we had put up an online game training studio catering mostly to the young people who share the same passion with us. They are being taught how to master the art of online computer gaming. We consider ourselves lucky for having this endeavor — making a living out of something we love to do.

But like any new venture, it was no easy task. The planning and the financial concerns pushed us to the test. There were many second thoughts of starting up. But nothing hindered us from pursuing the business we’re passionate about. The real work began when we faced the ordeal of searching for the perfect commercial space. We were scouting for a place where it can be easily accessed by the prospected clients.

Finding a commercial real estate in Anniston was not easy for us, and as we considered hiring a realtor, we also had very little experience with a commercial realtor. In order to fix our lack of experience in this endeavor, we sought the recommendations from friends and read some online reviews to search the one whom we can truly rely on. We found one and scheduled an appointment with him. His name was Joey Crews, a real estate agent from one of the most reputable realty agencies in the state. He is known as an expert Anniston commercial realtor who provide organized and detailed services. Mr. Crews spent a generous amount of time in giving us hints on how to invest in a commercial real estate property and gave us sound advice on which properties to choose among the listings.  He was certainly our guide in pulling off the resources needed for meeting our goals. In every commercial space we were considering, he was very detailed in the pros and cons of the properties. I think it was the most serious transaction I’ve made in my entire life.

Choosing the right Realtor
Image Credit: anniemaloney.com

Then the finale part came when contracts and negotiations stated in a 50 page document landed in our hands. He helped us navigate through the complex documents. Having a realtor by your side can actually save your time and help you avoid to some of the pitfalls of real estate transactions. With the good business location and the right price, we knew we were on the right track. I have reasons to consider this startup as almost a seamless process.

This experience of venturing into a business taught me how to engage in the right perspective when making some big leaps of decisions. The sensible ways of looking at the important aspects – the deals, the terms and return of investments can be a good way to start right. It is no joke to invest in a commercial real estate. It requires plenty of patience and the willingness to take big amount of time and effort in investigating and identifying the ideal property for us.

Keep Your Gaming Gadgets Clean

dirty gaming gadgets
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This may be a hard truth to take, but fellow gamers, we can’t always be playing, no.

Sometimes, we also have to clean our room and “playpen.” Yes, I mean you should go ahead and start picking up those cans of energy drinks and throwing them properly in the trash, get rid of those pizza boxes and clean out your keyboard that’s now full of crumbs and oily dips.

Life is fun when we get the chance to play, but if we forget about other obligations and start slacking off, chances our, we could get in to so much more trouble, and end up with lesser time for gaming, than it would if only we make it a habit to clean after ourselves.

Recently, I had a bout with black molds. The wooden table I place near me when I am playing, has not been cleaned out for so long, that the water smears and energy drink moists, plus all that other food and snack leftovers, has caused molds to form on the table due to water damage. it was a disgusting sight that I had to dedicate longer hours cleaning the table. I swear, it could have been easier if only I just cleaned up after every mess I made.

Mold Infested Table due to water damage
Image Credit: estrip.org

For those of you who might be having the same trouble with molds by now, here are the things I did in order to get rid of the pesky bacteria.

Mold Removal with Detergent and Water

Use a solution of detergent and warm water to scour the surface and get the mold off. However, be careful in doing this, because this should only be done in non-permeable surfaces. Wood is porous that is why I only used this to clean out the stand of the table, which was metal. The solution itself does not kill the molds, but it makes it easier to wipe them off the item they have slowly penetrated. You just have to triple check that no mold is left behind to continue infesting the area.

Mold Removal with Baking Soda

Your mom probably knows that baking soda is a greatly popular ingredient when it comes to homemade household cleaning. It is fairly safe to use, unlike other commercial products that contain harmful chemicals. Be on the safer side and use baking powder instead. Just follow these steps:


1. Add one quarter of a tablespoon of baking soda to a container of water.

2. Shake the container to break up the baking soda into the water.

3. Spray the mold-covered zone with the baking soda and water solution.

4. Then utilize a wipe or scouring brush to make sure that all molds are expelled from the surface.

5. Once you’ve cleaned away the mold wash the surface with water to uproot any lingering mold that might have been left behind.

6. Spray the area again, using the spray bottle, and let the surface dry. This will double ensure that any left over mold is killed and prevented from returning.

I hope that these tips can help you start cleaning those molds off your playpen, especially those near your gaming consoles and PC. They can be very harmful not only on your gadgets, but also on your health.

Let’s kill the gamer stereotype and learn to pick up after ourselves.



Everyone out there that loves to game and has not checked out Minecraft yet needs to soon. I am mad that it took me a few years to find this game. It is a hidden gem. I had always heard of it but never played it. Then one day I figured I would check it out. That is what got the addiction started for this game. They are releasing a new game this year and it is a big one. So if you have never played it in the past. This would be a good first to try out. It will be out in October. I will be getting it soon after it is released.

Let me tell you about the game a little bit. I really never knew what it was about. Minecraft is a 3D world. You get to build and make everything how you want it. That is what is so cool about Minecraft. You always can let other people online come to the world that you made or you can go to others. To me that is the best part of the game. Getting to visit other places and have people come and visit yours. Also I have chatted with a lot of cool people off Minecraft.

You can also play it from many different platforms. You can play from your PC, Xbox, or PS4. So all gamers can get the chance to play. If you play on your computer and would like to use a Minecraft hosting you can at brink hosting. That is who I like to use for mine. They are really good. I also did a lot of research. They are the best around. I recommend them.

So if you have not played Minecraft before. I think that the new release this year would be an awesome one to checkout. If for some odd reason you do not like online gaming then you can play the story mode. This is the first time that they have ever had story mode on their game before. Save those pennies and check it out soon!

Now Playing Dota 2 But Also Got the Chance To Be In Touch With Panama City SEO

Panama City SEO Could Be One Reason Why You’re Reading This


Panama City SEO could be one the reasons why you’re on this very page

Hello again everyone, it’s been quite long since I’ve actually posted a new post here in this site. Well for starters I just wanted to let you guys know that I’m really into a game that I think everyone is familiar with, it’s the mother of all MOBA games and is actually is the highest paying game today.

What else would I be talking about? Of course non-other than DOTA 2 or Defense of the Ancients 2, Yes did you know that the total prize pool of this game just this year is $18 million! Okay so top that! I bet none in the history of gaming has reached that number ever… Like if you were to put that into really number that would be $18,000,000 and that my friend is a lot!

So this is why I’m really into it! Yes the money, like who doesn’t want to play, enjoy, be entertained, not get bored and the best part is, if you’re just good enough! You will earn money, and not just small money but larger than the basic $40,000 dollars most Americans earn a year.

Okay I guess I assume too much about the earning, but at least there is still a chance that a legit pro team will actually recruit me, I’m still a newbie at this but I think I can really catch up. But still not really fast though because I also have some other hobbies, one of my favorite by the way is writing, you might think it’s a surprise coming from a gamer girl but actually no.

It’s no surprise because what you’re reading right now is pure 100% type written persona of me, and for me I really love to share about my gaming experiences and what I do. So, the best thing to express that and share it to the world is no other than writing. However to share it really well, I need to learn a lot about SEO you know. Since if I don’t, I think all this blog and post will actually be useless. Like how good can it be if the only one reading is actually me right? 😀

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So that’s all for today guys and Hope you guys have a great day, keep gaming and rock on.

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Gaining Friends, Having Fun, Staying Healthy and Young

Sometimes, stereotypes on gamers get to me. They say that we are nerds and loners and we do not have a life. Some kids find it hard to jive with the kind of things I like to talk about. A lot play games just for the sake of playing, unlike us gamers, who play games like a form of sport.

I was never much of an outgoing person. I try to be one, but it only seemed like I didn’t have what it took to be Ms. Congeniality. I had good friends, but they were just like me, stuck at being average, seemingly destined to just be so-so, and all happy and contented with gaming.

Before, I always wanted to be like the cool kids. I wanted to hang out at late night parties, meet new people every night, drink, go clubbing, the works of what it involves to be a “cool” kid.

I was so intent on becoming one, that at some point, I actually asked someone what it would take for the cool kids to like me and hang out with me.

She said, and I quote “people don’t want to be seen with you because you don’t take the effort to clean myself up and look decent and appealing.” She further explained that physical looks is important when you want to be seen hanging around people like them. It’s not because they are mean, it’s because some of them have reputations that depend on their social status, including who they are with.

I was confused by this, because I do not find myself “unclean.” I have decent grooming habits, if I could say so about myself. However, I was not the type to always look fancy and fashionable. T-shirts and jeans are my sort of thing, and I sometimes get Cheetos crumbs on my shirt without me noticing. But I don’t think that classifies as “not cleaning myself up.”

The conversation made me realize that it won’t be worth my time to try and figure out how to be “cool”

I should believe and feel that I am cool, as a gamer, and as a normal human being.

I later found out that one of those kids from the cool crowd was rushed into a hospital because of dehydration from too much alcohol and vomiting. The news reassured me that, really, that is not the life I want to spend my teenage years on. Ask any top medical billing and coding salary expert, and they will show you the numbers of how painful it is to one’s finances to get seriously ill and always end up in a hospital. Yes, I know what medical billing is because I am always on the Internet and you get to learn these kinds of stuff pretty fast.

I do not want to be that kind of burden to my parents, they deserve better. I know sometimes my gaming makes my parents worry, but I still do good in school despite my hobby.  I would not give them more reasons to worry, and more money to waste, just because I want to hang out with the cooler kids. No. I am happy just as I am.


When Too Much Gaming Made Me Buy Work Boots

My mom and I just had a funny experience.

“Honey, can you help me? Since you’re always in front of the computer, please find time to search for a good pair of work boots for me. I know you have good taste, so just choose a good one and order online, thanks!”

That was what my mom shouted to me, while she was in the kitchen preparing a meal and I was upstairs in my room, playing while waiting until it was time to eat.

I shouted back “okay!” and, soon after my game ended, immediately went to search for work boots on the internet. I was getting a lot of hits and so, since she said she wanted a good one, I decided to give her the best. I searched for Most Comfortable Boots for Work, and finally reached a site that was offering a great deal on work boots that really looked great.

Work Boots Online
Image Credit: dbllive.co.za

As I was choosing what to get for mom, I was wondering what she needed the work boots for. Maybe its for winter time, I told myself. She loves boots, I know, but I never saw her wearing these kinds. It was more heavy duty looking and the site said it was for protection and comfort. It even looked like something that my dad would be wearing instead. But hey, she said “work boots” right?

So I chose the one in the color she likes (Brown), and then have it shipped. My mom was always like that. She trusted me enough to let me know the password to her credit card. She does not like to take too much time on the computer because, for some reason, she just can’t figure out how to work it out smoothly with a computer. hence, whenever she has some favors that needed to be done online, she would ask me to do it.

Now, the funny part.

The package arrived and I took it and brought it to her. When she opened the parcel, I saw the confused look on her eyes and so I started by saying, ” You said to get you work boots. That’s what popped up when I searched for work boots”

To which my mom replied, “what work boots? I just asked you to get me some great boots. The last one I bought has already been worn out and its thinning and becoming uncomfortable to wear. That’s why I asked you to get me another one.”

I was dumbfounded. I swear I heard you say work boots. I was so deep into my gaming that I must have misheard what she said, and “work” and “great” aren’t even rhyming words. Great work, me!

My mom decided to put on the heavy looking work boots and felt that they were quite comfortable to wear. She walked around the house wearing it and said it was quite a relief on the foot. It was unlike your typical heeled fashion boots.

When I said I’ll just return the package and have it replaced with another one, mom said she wants to give the boots a try. It was still quite fashionable, though you really can’t deny the “toughness” of the boots.

I never heard my mom complain about the boots, and it looks like I won’t have to get it replaced. She has taken a liking to wearing it, and has decided to order for dad and me, too.


Dragon Age: Inquisition – The Knight Enchanter

If you haven’t played Dragon Age: Inquisition, then you’ve probably missed half of your gaming life!

Released just last year, Dragon Age: Inquisition was praised by a lot of gamers for revolutionizing role-playing games to a whole new level. Fans of the first few Dragon Age games appreciated the improved graphics and item creation system, as well as the improved storyline. In fact, the ending of the game was such a cliffhanger that many fans have started to raise questions about when the next Dragon Age game will come out.

Now I’m pretty sure that there will be another Dragon Age game. But for those who were unlucky enough not to play the game, I highly recommend to go out and buy it.

The game features all-new classes which I think are really awesome. One of my favorite class is the Knight Enchanter.

knight enchanter

In the world of Thedas, the mage is both revered and feared by their enemies and allies. So when you get a mage who is able to fling and deflect fireballs coming from huge dragons like any New Jersey mold remediation would do to the molds in your kitchen sink or bathroom, then you have got to be an absolute bad-ass to be able to do so.

Before you continue reading, I’d like to warn you that there are major spoilers below. If you don’t like it, you can just skip the last few parts of this post!

You might not witness such an awesome display of arcane power during the first two Dragon Age games, but with Dragon Age: Inquisition, you can do something as awesome as this:


According to the official Dragon Age: Inquisition wiki, the Knight Enchanter is a mage specialization that allows mages to use melee attacks against their opponents. They can summon a sword from thin air and use it to impale their enemies. They are also able to deflect projectiles, such as a dragon’s fireball.

The Knight Enchanter can also phase in and out of existence, weaken their opponents and revive and heal comrades. Thus, a Knight Enchanter within a party of adventurers is considered a badass. Of course, these guys are not made for full-on combat, so the Knight Enchanter always rely on the help of a rogue or warrior when facing enemies.

According to Thedas lore, the Knight Enchanters got these techniques that were descended from the elven mages called the Arcane Warriors. For fans of Dragon Age: Origins, the Arcane Warrior is one of the many specializations that you can learn when you’re a mage. The Knight-Enchanter can only be unlocked by mages and their spells also deal huge damage when fighting at close quarters, but it doesn’t guarantee that they can last long in a fight with powerful enemies, such as dragons and giants.

If your Inquisitor is not a mage, but a rogue or a warrior, Vivienne will become Knight Enchanter during the later parts of the game. She can pretty much hold off on her own during boss fights, but assisting and protecting her from major damage is important.

Playing and Earning

Image Credit: programerhub.com
Image Credit: programerhub.com

No matter how young or old you may be, there will still be a child in you. And in one way or another, that child will find a game that you will be addicted to.

It does not matter if it is an RPG or multiplayer, offline or online, and even Facebook games and mobile games, people love them all.

I am a professional gamer. And this job has made me both earn and play at the same time. Now, some may think that adults should stop playing games now because they are already in that stage in life where work and other things are more important than playing.

However, I say this does not have to be the case. I may say it easily since I work and earn at the same time but gamer adults should realize that there will always be a way to play and still earn at the same time.

After all, you can’t just give up on your passion for games.

So, in order to hit two birds with one stone, you can go into the business of gaming. For one, you can put up a gaming hub as a business. This way, you can continue being the gamer that you are, while earning and saving for yourself or your family.

In ventures like this one, the first important thing to consider is where to put the gaming hub.Most probably, there are already a lot of computer shops and gaming centers in your area. That is why, the location for your gaming hub is top priority. You should put it in a place where your business could grow despite the competition as well as it could provide a convenient and cozy place for your customers. They would not like to play in a gaming center that is too tight and movement is restricted. Not only will they feel choked, they would not like to be drowned in too much noise because of the different games that each of the customers would play.

Another thing you could do is be a writer for games. A lot of games are created to perfection, and each character, the reason for their existence, and all other essentials in creating a gaming world, are backed-up with a great story. Characters have histories, and there exist a creative narration of why the game is set-up in the world that it is in. Games these times are all about making a new reality for players and that reality would not be complete if there is no story to support it.

If you have a knack for writing, you could always write for game creators. Some mini-games like mobile games only need freelancers so you could take it as part-time jobs. If you want to go  full-time, then that would be possible too because games are always developed and along with it, their respective stories also unfold.

There are a lot of ways to play and earn, you just have to be as imaginative as you can be.


Lifestyle of a Professional Gamer

Image Credit: gamerhub.tv
Image Credit: gamerhub.tv

People think that just because you play games for a living, you have it easy. For some time, that was what I thought too.

I traveled, went around the world to participate in tournaments that I don’t even look for. I have managers and sponsors to do that. They’d just call me about an upcoming tournament and all I have to do is play and play until the tournament comes. When it does come, I play again. I win, I lose, it does not matter. This was the kind of life I had when I started out.

But then promotional aspect of the job started to take place. People were starting to command my every move. Eat this, wear this, do that. It was like I was their avatar and they were the players. But it was my job and this is part of what I signed for.

An added pressure on me is the fact that I am a female player. There is no rule saying that girls cannot be professional gamers. However, extensive statistics is not needed for people to know that there more guy players than there are girls.

I do not let this affect me much. I use that pressure to perform better and make sure I am always looking great. I like to look good inside the game and in real life. My characters always have the latest online fashion wear. I do this to maintain my feminine personality amidst an arena dominated by males. And so that my characters are well represented, I also make sure I am healthy and that I always look my best. Doing so does not only let me gain more fans, it also gives me lots of sponsors.

Weird as it may, the lifestyle of a gamer made me gain self-esteem, something that has never been in me ever since my childhood, the very reason I got to gaming in the first place. I was a loner and I felt like I can dominate and other players fear me whenever I play online games that is why I am that good with them up until present. But now that I have started to give myself more credit, I have learned to appreciate who I am as a person, not just a gamer.

I have learned to value proper lifestyle, even if I am just a gamer because this job still entails hard work. It is difficult to belong in the top for something like a game, because almost everyone can do what you can. You have to constantly earn your right to be named the best gamer because in just a snap, someone better could come along and take it away from you.

I have come to realize that life as a professional gamer is not all play. There are other aspects of it that I have to work for and commit myself into. I also have to constantly study for game plays and I have people to please and to perform for. What matters most is that I still live the good and honest life, may it be in a virtual game or in real life, especially, in real life.